Vocal Coaching


J Chris Griffin is a 20-year veteran in the vocal/studio recording business. His students have been seen on NBC's The Voice, American Idol, GLEE, won Billboard Awards, are signed artists and lead stars on Broadway. Chris specializes in Pop singing with an emphasis on studio techniques.

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Chris will show you how to use head, chest and whistle-tone registers to sing like a hitmaker. Past clients have added 3 to 4 notes on each end of their range, seen higher Billboard Chart counts and garnered more substantial major label attention. Every client has taken a huge step in their career after working for just a few weeks. Chris has been hired by Warner, Universal, Sony and several independent labels to coach their artists.

Until March of 2018, Chris ran The Pop Vocal Artists and Academy. PVA was very successful and launched several careers. Chris is now focusing on selected clients exclusively. If high-end singing is a goal, please contact us today.